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Our Story


Hotpot, a stew of variety of fresh ingredients cook in a metal pot, has captured the essence of home-style Asian cooking in a charming and refreshingly comfortable way. In Asian culture, hot pot is not just food, but also contain a lot of connotation that show how family should be unite with each other by gathering around the metal pot. It is one of the unique historic cuisine that has passed down from generation to generation.


Top Clay Pot offers authentic Chinese cuisine in the greater Atlanta area and will continue to explore and serve the best to our customers!

The History


Clay Pot was invented by Emperor Yao  a few thousand years ago and was widely used in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Because clay is ideal in heat dissemination, food ingredients in a clay pot can be thoroughly and evenly heated in balanced and stable temperatures, allowing water molecules to penetrate food ingredients through a prolonged process. Clay pots are effective in disintegrate macromolecular nutrients in food into smaller molecules, making them soft and easy to digest. Precisely because of this process, clay pot soup is fresher and thicker, retaining much of the original food flavors.  Clay pots can also keep intact much of the healthy polyphenols in ingredients, thus enhancing their antioxidant and anti-aging functions. Clay pot cuisine favors less oil, salt, and sugar, but more variety and harmony. At Top Clay Pot we are highly selective in terms of food and their natural flavors. We truly believe that Top Clay Pot will give you a unique, healthy and enjoyable experience.


Kong Qui - Confucius

The Philosophy of Confucius is deeply reflected in Chinese food culture. He attached great importance to food and described it as one of the three basic conditions, along with an army and trust, for founding a state.


It is said that Confucius helped to bring perfect taste to Chinese food by developing proper cooking techniques. His teachings regarding cooking methods are still considered as an important part in Chinese food culture.



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